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21 May 2014
Be sure to carefully read the instructions to the drug.Some creams used only at night, since they can flow out of the vagina. Cream can also be used for topical application of the labia, such creams help reduce itching.

Some of these agents (miconazole, and clotrimazole), also produced in the form of vaginal tablets and suppositories for insertion into the vagina,often they are sold with a special applicator.

 The advantage of such tools is that they are less dirty than creams. Moreover, they usually contain a high concentration of active substances, and therefore, the treatment should take less time.

Oral tablet - Antifungal agents may be in the form of tablets. The most common drug is Fluconazole (Sold under the names Diflucan, Mikosist, Flucostat and others). Previously, the most popular was ketoconazole but the substance may have an adverse effect on the liver.The tablets are used to treat a single thrush.

Also, oral medications are used if local facilities are ineffective, and to deal with repeated cases of thrush. In the latter case they are used in small doses for six months or a year.

Tablets are effective enough - they heal vaginal candidiasis in 80-90% of cases. However, they do not bring rapid relief of symptoms, so in the first forty-eight hours of treatment recommended and vaginal preparations receiving antifungal pills may cause side effects. In case of serious side effects, seek medical attention.


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